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  • What are the major changes that occur in the eukaryotic genome during adaptive evolution?


  • How is the panorama of transcriptomic and epigenomic variations during an evolutionary process?


  • How can we use the evolutionary adaptive potential of yeast to generate biofuel suitable strains?



Motivated by a FAPESP Young Investigators Award our lab was established in March 2014 to pursue those fundamental questions. We use genomic and experimental evolution tools to uncover the diversity of evolutionary variations that accumulate in controlled evolution experiments performed in our lab. Mostly, we probe the adaptation of yeast strains to key stressful factors relevant to the bioethanol industry (such as ethanol toxicity) and strive to uncover the genetic/epigenetic diversity undelaying the evolutionary process. Our goal is to understand evolution at a fine molecular level, while also contributing to improvement of sustainable bioenergy technologies. Our lab is located at the Institute for Research in Bioenergy of the São Paulo State University (UNESP). 


Please, check out our current lab projects:



Yeast experimental sexual evolution

(Schizosaccharomyces japonicus)

Here we use fission yeast to approach one of the most important questions in evolutionary biology: what are the advantages of sex over clonal propagation?

Learn more in our dedicated web page...

Experimental evolution of ethanol tolerance

(Saccharomyces cerevisae PE-2)

Here we use the S. cerevisiae strain PE-2, widely used in the Brazilian bioethanol industry, to challege cellular adaptation to an increasing ethanol concentration. Learn more...


Jan 2019- Our Lab secured three mobility/internationalization 

grants for this year: 

1) Unesp/University of Queensland (UQ) mobility grant;


3) FAPESP BayLat for collaborative workshops Unesp/Technical University of Munich (TUM). 

01 Mar - Caio C. Carvalho is our new Ph.D. student. Wellcome Caio!

19 Mar. - Dr. Ana P. Jacobus was awarded with the prestigious FAPESP Young Investigators Grant! Congrats Ana!

21 Apr. - Our IPBEN Thematic Project has been acepted by FAPESP!

21 Apr.- M.Sc. and Ph.D. positions are available!

08 May - Applications for fellowships to attend the Unesp/TUM workshop are now accepted!







Genomics and Experimental Evolution of Yeast

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